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What is the strongest known acid fluoroantimonic acid t

What is the strongest known acid fluoroantimonic acid t


This is Magic Acid, the second most acidic superacid. It's Hammett acidity function is -19.2!

IPhone 7 Vs World's Strongest Acid (Fluoroantimonic Acid) and Sulfuric Acid

From left-to-right: strong acid, dilute acid, base (image from SeattlePI)

fluoroantimonic acid

What is the strongest known acid? fluoroantimonic acid! Fluoroantimonic acid is an ionic liquid created by reacting hydrogen fluoride with antimony ...

PTFE - Keeps your breakfast from sticking to the pan and kicks the snot out of the world's strongest acid

WHAT ACID TechRax really used in his iPhone 7 video?

Superacid vs A Tangerine

Hydrochloric acid

pH scale

What will happen if you mix fluoroantimonic acid (world's strongest acid) and lithium diisopropylamide (world's strongest base)?

Superacid vs An Apple

Chlorosulfonic vs A Pear

The iPhone 7 has been one of those phones that has been tested for various things, but we never imagined dropping acid on it would be one of them.

The World's Strongest Acid

iPhone 7 vs World's Strongest Acid

Superacid vs Chicken Breast Meat

The Drunk History of the Discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

Drops of concentrated sulphuric acid (sulfuric acid) dehydrate a piece of cotton towel rapidly

According to this article, the strongest acids like fluoroantimonic acid can be stored in Teflon containers.


Am I reading this correctly? Is this lower than 0?

Fluoroantimonic acid is the strongest acid in the world; it can rip through most materials easily. But a chemical that you've got around your house will ...

The strongest acids actually are not that corrosive!


Acid Framed Print featuring the photograph Fluoroantimonic Acid Molecule by Laguna Design

acid burn

iPhone 7 vs World's Strongest Acid - What Will Happen - Video Dailymotion

iPhone 7 vs World's Strongest Acid

What Will Happen iPhone 7 vs World s Strongest Acid

This image from the music video Skinned is pretty much what superacids should bring to mind

In PTFE(teflon) ,The Carbon-Florine are so strong that even our superacid cannot eat through it . So Fluoroantimonic Acid ...

Fluoroantimonic Acid Smoothie

iPod Touch in Hydrofluoric Acid (Jordan Tries to Destroy Old Electronics Episode 2)

iPhone 7 vs World's Strongest Acid

It follows the Nazarov superacid cyclization mechanism using fluorosulfuric acid.

Analytical chemist here and I've interviewed the HF (safety training is required to get anywhere near this acid) and I can attest to how corrosive HF acid ...

It is technically* the strongest acid in existence.

shutterstock_123448000.jpg ".

Apple promotes acid burn-proof Iphones through FAKE Videos and sponsored interstitial ads on YouTube

Dispatch my consigliere Tom first thing in the morning. Let him give a demonstration of what happens when someone mocks the Godfather.

Meet the Most Dangerous Acids in the World: Fluoroantimonic Acid Is the Worst Acid

Sulphuric acid vs a wet sponge

TIL that fluoroantimonic acid, one of the strongest known acids, is about 1 quintillion times stronger than sulfuric acid : todayilearned

Super Acid

Superacid vs A Brain

very viking gets fluoroantimonic acid thrown on his face by bezhead

Remember in Aliens how the xenomorph's blood was acidic enough to burn through the ship? Yeah, well that's not even as bad as fluoroantimonic acid.

... organic reactions such as carbon-carbon and carbon-hydrogen bond protolysis, alkane isomerization, and alkane alkylation. These reactions, some of which ...

'Breaking Bad:' Can You Really Dissolve a Body in Hydrofluoric Acid?

iPhone 7 vs World's strongest acid

ZOOMED - in HD. Cool how I pasted the zoomed layer on top of the original video huh? I did went to college to study art, music, computers, gymnastics, ...

Superacid vs Nexus 5 Phone

World's Strongest Super Acid: Fluoroantimonic Acid by Reizodi07

Acid melting bottle

AKA Aliens blood ...

Tak Disangka, iPhone7 Diberi Cairan Asam Terkuat di Dunia dan Hasilnya Mengejutkan!

... and within 1 hour of ingestion- profoundly altering one's consciousness. It is one of the most potent psychedelic substances known to man.

How iPhone 7 manage with strongest known superacid?

Fluoroantimonic Acid Molecule Acrylic Print

Fluoroantimonic acid molecule - Stock Image

... sulfuric acid is weaker - both acids lose their first proton very readily and behave as strong acids in this respect. It's the second proton that comes ...

How Acidic is the Xenomorph Blood from ALIEN? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill) - YouTube

... Fluoroantimonic Acid Molecule by Laguna Design. Wall View 001

Wall View 003

Wall View 002




2. The Most Magnetic Substance

What's the most dangerous/harmful acid? Why? What are some of its chemical properties? What reactions does it have with commonly found elements? - Quora

(Photo Credit : Values Lessons games). If acids ...

The condensed version of Issue 19 is below, and read other editions here.


Fluoroantimonic Acid Molecule Poster

Fluoroantimonic spawn Fluoroantimonic, as seen from the top ...