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White now but soon to be black Kali or known in Tibet at Troma

White now but soon to be black Kali or known in Tibet at Troma


White now... but soon to be black - Kali ( or known in Tibet at Troma Nagmo) #KaliGoddess #Vajravarahi #Chod #thangkaArt

White now... but soon to be black - Kali ( or known in

Mt Meru #lauraSantiSacredArt #thangkaArt

Vajrayogini - Krodha Kali (Wrathful Black Varahi) (Tibetan: Troma Nagmo. Sanskrit: Krishna Krodhini. English: the Fierce Black One), a wrathful form of ...

I am in the process of painting this large thangka of a dakini called Troma Nagmo, called Kali in India - here she is surrounded by flames

Buddhist Deity Vajrayogini - Krodha Kali (Wrathful Black Varahi). Tibet. 1500s. | Obrazy | Pinterest | Tibet, Deities and Buddhists

Tröma Nagmo, Tibetan Buddhist Krodikali. The closeup from a painting of Machig Labdron, 19th century.

Krodha Kali - (tib. Troma Nagmo)

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Troma Nagmo (Dudjom Troma)


Ghau Tibetan amulet Box with the goddess Troma Nagmo Kali - Tibet - 2nd half of the 20th century

Modern popular Kali painting by Raja Ravi Varma

The Medicine Buddha

In Bengal and Orissa, Kali's extended tongue is widely seen as expressing embarrassment over the realization that her foot is on her husband's chest.

White Mahakala, Deity of Wealth Dharma Buddhist Meditation deity Protector Gonkar Mantra wish fullfiling jewel Fierce form of Avalokitesvara

Dorje Drolo Karma Pakshi

Ghau Tibetan amulet Box with the goddess Troma Nagmo Kali - Tibet - 2nd half of the 20th century

Dorje Drolo with Multiple Eyes

Tibetan Buddhist deity Thangka thanka tanka giclee print Chakrasamvara: The Union of Wisdom and Compassion

Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Ghau Tibetan amulet Box with the goddess Troma Nagmo Kali - Tibet - 2nd half of


a plea from my Tibetan (Australian) heart

370. Thomas Beck, Ph.D. and Janet Colli, Ph.D.

Prayer Wheels at Ramoche Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet 1994. Signed by noted photographer,

GETTING FREE FROM TRAUMA AND REPETITIVE PATTERNS Four Wednesdays, May 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd 7-9pm | at Narayana Yoga Project in Greenpoint-Williamsburg ...

Tibetan Buddhist Wrathful Deity, Many Heads, Snake Body, 24K Gold Hand Painted on Black. free US ship

7" Crystal Tones™ Black Tourmaline Bowl (A+40)

°The understanding of what self is, is deeply underrated. Meaning, the profession of "I know myself" is so overrated, and this notion of Self held by such ...

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Commission a Teeny tiny thangka tsakli initiation card deity of your choice

Perhaps this · The Sun is in a close conjunction to Uranus in ...

Gilt Copper Wrathful Bodhisattva Manjushri Tibetan Tibet Qing dynasty (1644–1911) Shanghai Museum

The dark side of antidepressants

Shambhala, which in Sanskrit means “place of peace, of tranquility,” is thought of in Tibet as a community where perfect and semi-perfect beings live and ...


Ancient Trauma Healing Certification Level 1 & 2

°What I've noticed as my perception has deepened, and my experience has aged me, is that when it comes to understanding occult knowledge beyond the ...

Green Tara. From a 18th century prayer: "From my heart I bow to

A Kangra painting of Kali stands on Shiva, who assumes the position of a corpse atop a blazing funeral pyre. Dogs and scavenger birds surround Kali.

Silver Vajrapani Pendant .925 Sterling Buddhist Buddha Vajrasattva Tibet Tibetan

HH Dalai Lama And Others Speak Out About Sogyal Rinpoche & His Behaviour

I've not come across anyone else who more elegantly speaks to the pain and trauma of humanity than Gabor Maté. He clearly explains how that which gets ...

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Vibrational Energy Healing Circle

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From IPX7 smartphone armbands to really cool looking Kargo bag that can be mounted onto the seat post and yet look good strapped to your back.

An account of one Tibetan's escape from Tibet to India.

... book about Indian Vedic math - and how Kepler was against the closed form of the Golden Ratio (instead supporting the numbers are male and female).

Guest writer Hadar Ahuvia writes about the inspiration for her new hour-long dance work, Everything you have is yours?

World Literature in English of India, Africa, and the Caribbean | Common Errors in English Usage and More | Washington State University

... Museum on the Roof of the World: Art, Politics and the Representation of Tibet”, shared that she plans to build today's talk into a deeper research.

The Archetypal Imagination (Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology)

Figure 11 : DignÀga's hetu chakra Damaru

Kali the black mother jewelry set, 925 sterling silver, Mahakali, Hindu, goddess


Building Our Discernment About Extraterrestrial and Galactic Beings

The birth of my White Tara Tibetan Thangka Painting

... especially its last nine chapters (31-40) of the seventh skandha, which are known as the Devi Gita, and soon became central texts of Shaktism.".

Music And Healing: Blossoming From Ancient Roots

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10" Crystal Tones™ Black Tourmaline Bowl




... amongst the cultural ...

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listen to Mac Macartney at our launch!

America's Deep Dive

Vajradhara with Manjushri and Vajrapani

"Awakening to Delusion" by Joseph Bobrow Roshi

Thank you to everyone who came to last Friday's event with Hilary Hart! Here is the talk she gave, about how listening is essential when we want to activate ...

JoTT | 26 June 2015 | Vol. 7 | No. 8 | Pages:

"Tārakā (or Tārā) was the second wife of Hindu God Brihaspati, God of planet Jupiter. According to the Puranas, Tara sired or mothered child named Budha ...

The special place of the color of a typical steal-blue is a distinguishing feature of Bonism from Buddhism, where warm red and yellow ...


Now imagine that you can and will do something about this right now.

Super Blue Moon

Sonny Rollins nails the significance and thrill of Both Sides at Once: The Lost Album, a previously unheard John Coltrane recording ...

We were then joined by Amdo, a photographer who was proud of Tibet and passionate about the ongoing trauma that's occurring. Once he got started there was ...