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precious baby cinnamon rolls hetalia < <

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Hetalia Mean Girls Canada Italy Germany

I'd still keep him < < my bABY < < < Now he reminds me of Henry from FE:A." "I wanna die a bloody death!" "I'm gonna kill you!" And this is all in a very ...

SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DOITSU. Hetalia America Germany

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Shine bright like a Doitsu! I want a ranking of insane Internet fandoms. I need to see where Hetalia ranks.

755 best Hetalia images on Pinterest | Hetalia funny, Ha ha and Hetalia axis powers

I said this to my friend yesterday and she thought I was serious but also admitted

This too real Hetalia Text Post: In which I am always Germany.


Hetalia Greece and the Chibi <----Chibi Greece was so cute! And so is after puberty Greece ^-^

Denmark looks so cute!


Germany XD


I challenge you to tell me whats going on in this picture -.- | Hetalia Germany, Prussia, Italy

At first I thought the girls like them, but turns out they like Spain.

No one can be DOITSU sama but DOITSU sama. < < Prussia came close though because he is awesome

Well I cannot really disagree with that.


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I love how the question and answer are the same sentence like don't even think about it you need ninja Germany ok < < Okay < < < I just imagined the fault in ...

Ugh Italy, why are you so cute and handsome at the same time?!!?! XD

I cannot stop laughing my ass off because of FUCKING TUMBLR I will die from laughing



All hail Lord Doitsu!

Run Doitsu Run! Don't let those gay thoughts control your mind XD.# < Germany: Gay thoughts can't catch me! Gay Thoughts: yES WE CAN

XD. Hetalia ...

Hetalia far too precioussssss

Me-a and Germany with-a cats~! | me and doitsu~ | Pinterest | Hetalia, Italy and deviantART

So Cuuuute!!! (*_*)/

< < what are you talking about? Lord Doitsu could smite you for saying such blasphemy

casually · My PreciousHetalia ...

And people still don't believe gerita is canon... or that germany

Germany, Japan, and Italy - genderbend ~ hetalia

doitsu we all knew you were hiding something underneath that military uniform. you're

Hetalia - Germany / Neko!Italy

You better stop right now, young man.

Oh my Doitsu, no. They did it. The actually did it.

Well just go ahead and choke him to death. Geez doitsu

GerIta headcanon idea and edit by @cheepcheep36

Hetalia - Italy (Feliciano Vargas) < < < quit bein' so precious you little shit

You can't do this to me ------------------------------------------------------------- Poor HRE/Germany. Cant remember is papa. I remember my maman, Gaul.


It's an Hetalia post, but we know what this mean in the pokemon fandom. Im in both fandoms.XD ((I just realized how many people pinned dis.

I'm smol pasta child

The funny thing is that for a cosplay thing we made my brother Germany XD

Germany x Fem!Italy

PRECIOUS also England looks very attractive in this picture HNNNNG

Hetalia Germany Yaoi

< < Excuse me but what did you find stupid about this cute little cinnamon roll? I mean look at that precious baby!

Vhy are you trying to murder Gil? Vhy are you so fabulous about it?

You know

norwaysvevo: “ matthewbeilschmidts: “ germany can literally sense when prussia is about to do something dumb ” The side eye is so strong here ” Ludwig is ...

...i actually never ever in my entire life thought of that.

Oh god < < < you mean Oh Doitsu

When yer squad is only you and yer friend

don't you fucking dare insult those brows

I think that thing at the bottom says, "# I don't get paid to be funny so I settle for beer" xD

Trying to find out which volume this is>>>The Wise words of St. Roderich, a prophet from Lord Doitsu

How to win my heart: Russia

Part 1

Hetalia GerIta. Adorable :) < < < LITTLE GERMANY OHMYGOD CAN YOU GET ANY

The best Hetalia redraw I've seen so far

They all went to really silly and adorable to extremely. Hetalia ...

Oh Germany XD

Smooth baby doistu <--- I have no idea what I'm looking at. aww, Doitsu, you're so cute

XD FACE family <---Alfred looks like he's going for the throat < < < mattie is foaming at the mouth. I repeat he's foaming at the mouth.

Rude < < < Come on Ice < < < you could have just waved and smiled>>> Well fuck you too puny bitch <

Tip from a French speaking Canadian if a French swear word involved anything religious like referencing god or the church off the time it's from Quebec

Find this Pin and more on APH (Axis Powers Hetalia) by ItalyyVeneziano.

That hurt just no.

LOL, even though Austria is a Germanic country, his stamina is not even one tenth of Germany, as to Hungary has nothing to do with Germanic relationship ...

He is our gawd < < no Doitsu is our lord and savior < < cannot. Hetalia FunnySo ...

((This is beautiful- Headcanon Status: ACCEPTED)) < < < what if when hes happy they turn into butterflies bc caterpillars grow into butterflies wooooo

THIS IS MY NEW FAVOURITE PICTURE but they forgot the curl.

Germany - Hetalia

Hetalia - China xD

Hetalia axis powers

Hetalia Christmas Event Italy opens his eyes!

Oh my god this is AMAZING>> Hetalia x Attack on Titan. Oh my god, yes. But what is the Titan eating I wonder. Is that Amerimochi as a Titan? Oh my god.

BE A DOITSU. The chief principles of Doitsuism. In the end, all shall bow down to Lord Doitsu.

*shakes head* Lord Doitsu is the sparkliest

Hetalia Doitsu

What are you doing, Doitsu by Drkav | Hetalia | Pinterest | Hetalia, Anime and Hetalia germany

Troll, Sticker, Decal, Stickers

Hetalia Text Posts


Look- there's stars in his hair. He is truly shining bright like a doitsu in World Star

Humorously Hetalia

I think itd be a girl and her name would be Adel or a boy named Joesph-Hans…

APH Girls < < Monaco's so short compared to the other countries.

Okay but im not in the hetalia fandom enough to have a hetalia board but i also would like to get an abundance of money from doitsu

Romano has a lovely little song for you XD