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Yep socialism hard at work making everything quotequalquot for everyone

Yep socialism hard at work making everything quotequalquot for everyone


Socialism works so wel.

I got rich through hard work/r/all ...

Ben Shapiro Quotes | When people are desperate or wealthy, they turn to socialism; only when they have no other alternative do they embrace the free market.

Socialism doesn't mean taking wealth from those who work hard and giving it to those who don't.

Only the ignorant believe it'll actually work. And, just like what happened with and all his lies, they'll believe it till it bites them in the wallet, ...

Socialist Bernie Sanders Wants The American Economy To Imitate That Of World-Renown Superpower Scandinavia

I'd love to talk about how we're all the victims of endless money-printing to bailout crooked bankers and politicians. But I digress.

#Socialism making everyone equally poor since 1917.

Socialism brings all to the lowest common denominator rather than encouraging the best from each one of us like true free-market capitalism

Because Socialism does not work.

Socialism---where those that don't work talk on and on about how they are entitled to what YOU have worked so hard for.


When did Jesus ever call for a central government controlling everyone and everything?


Socialism Poster

Find this Pin and more on Socialists and Communists by wmackd.

“ Chelsea Clinton's list of actual accomplishments”

This how socialism always ends up. The elites become very wealthy while all other citizens become "equally" poor.


Members of the audience during a campaign rally for Bernie Sanders in Minneapolis, 29 February

Socialism is the best form of government except for all of the others.

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Socialism does not work economically. No matter how you look at it, individual rights

socialism doesn't wo- ...

Here is a list of socialist programs in the U.S. Still think socialism is a bad word? #EducateYourself #feelthebern

Bernie Sanders

Reason-Rupe poll

Yep, He's a Socialist Too, Living in England and He Thinks the Candidate Is Looking More "Comfortable"

Socialism Studies Cartoon by Conservatoons ...

Truer words have never been spoken - they don't give a damn about a

Russian explains communism ...

Woodforest Homes for Sale, TX, Woodforest Real Estate, Montgomery TX Community Demographic and Lifestyle Information for Houston, The Woodla.

A man who now regards the Conservative party as de facto socialist was once a godless Trotskyist, ...


The political landscape is very divisive because everyone is approaching society's problems from slightly different perspectives.

ImageDefinition of a Democratic Socialist ...

(Phil Roeder)

Ed and David Miliband play backgammon with their father, Ralph, in 1976

History has taught us all we need to know. The problem with the "it

Yes, we are working very hard at making a better world for everyone while the

Points out the text book problem with this country.

'Sweden isn't a socialist hell hole after all'

Precisely WHOSE hard work are oligarchs getting rich off of?

CALLER: All right. Well, first I just want to say that I am a very recent student of yours, and I am probably one of the best students and on top of ...

I am utterly embarrassed to be apart of the uninformed generation that is the Millennials. Every time I turn on the news or flip through social media and ...

Yup, there's a lot of stupid people around.

...and everybody makes nothing #incomegap

Anthropology of Socialism and Postsocialism

Bill Gates has said that capitalism isn't working, and that socialism is our only hope in order to save the planet.

It's the people who make the decision to drone-kill that makes it so scary

Anyone who thinks Socialism is good needs to read this.

If child labour was wrong in the London of the 1820s, what makes it right

bernie sanders democratic socialism

Definition of SOCIALISM 1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of ...

Last week, over people at the Occupy Oakland General Assembly voted to approve a resolution to shut down the city of Oakland with a citywide general strike ...

A world map depicting the countries which have adopted a socialist economy, and the length

Yep! Pretty much! The Cupcake Generation is so clueless about the wide historical failure


A Democratic Socialist Republic is what America has been for a long time. Yeah,

The Socialist party chose to abstain to avoid a third election and break political paralysis. Photograph: Chema Moya/EPA

#RonPaul is boss! I wish that he were running in #election2016 #Libertarian

Corporations tax burden has dropped to a fraction of what it was only twenty years ago

The Most Socialist President in US History.

Mug cake

"From the Depths" by William Balfour Ker, a socialist artist and illustrator.

Why Capitalism is Good

Hysterical Poster Details Explains "Why I Don't Hire Democrats To Work For Me" Has Liberal Snowflakes Melting

bucking for the vp job there bernie - missed again. you know how you know when these dems are lying?

cuba luxury hotel

I see the humor, but I see the sadness in it. All still just unthinkable.

Don't believe??? YouTube and WATCH him say it for yourself!

And Bernie should pay more taxes than Donald Trump too. Oh wait socialists only like spending other people's money.

At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child - miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless.

Photo courtesy of Friends of El-Yateem

I'm sick of seeing "Capitalism made your iPhone." In fact, public-funded research made your iPhone.

"Socialism doesn't work"(i.redd.it)

Jeremy Corbyn addresses the crowd on the Pyramid stage at the 2017 Glastonbury festival

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ep thompason portrait

Liberal intolerance is rampant in America | OBAMA CARTOONS

Have you considered what it would be like to return to a world in which your home would be allowed to burn down if you didn't display a placard over your ...


'The S-word': how young Americans fell in love with socialism

For decades, Right-wing pundits have pressed the argument that Hitler was a devout Socialist, and that all the atrocities of the Holocaust can therefore be ...

8 easy steps to creating a Social State, by Saul Alinsky. Beware the Useful Idiots.

It's all about the hard work ...

They are also voting to never rise above. The "entitlements" are just enough

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, said he wanted a socialist society

The socialist Democrats did not usher in our new President, it was ALL the hard

PRICELESS Meme Shows Exactly What Kind of People Support Socialist Bernie Sanders

A. EVERYTHING! Anyone that works full

/r/socialism has a Venezuela Megathread, bans all Venezuelans. : SubredditDrama

Amazon.com: Liberty Versus the Tyranny of Socialism: Controversial Essays (9780817949129): Walter E. Williams: Books

All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy.

The main reason for why im considering moving to socialism is because of the same thing you mentioned. Exploitation. Capitalists we're DEFENDING the ...

Obama's got to ...

Socialism always ends in misery. To know the truth of this all one has to do is look at Greece and Spain.