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Zia Viria Tumblr Kane chronicles t Las crnicas de kane

Zia Viria Tumblr Kane chronicles t Las crnicas de kane


Zia Rashid (Zia Kane of carter doesn't screw it up!

Carter and Zia 1/3

Carter and Zia! ( looks like Leo) Kane chronicles

Sadie, Anubis, Carter, and Zia

Zia is beautiful. Art by joleanart. Find this Pin and more on The kane chronicles ...

Carter e Zia Rashid

I know I know wrong series, but bear with me cause I don't have a kane chronicles board and I'm lazy.

Carter and Sadie Kane

Carter and Zia tumblr edit. The Kane Chronicles.

(The Kane Chronicles) Carter Kane, Sadie Kane and Zia

-The Kane Chronicles, Rick Riordan Art {x} ”

Carter Kane from Rick Riordan's The Kane Chronicles. People always draw him looking weird, but THIS is totally how I picture him

sadie kane - The Kane Chronicles Fan Art (21745867) - Fanpop fanclubs. I like everything but the shirt.

At first I thought this was Nico, but now I think this is Anubis. can't be sure...it says Nico but I have to admit it looks like Anubis

Anubis by Viria. Find this Pin and more on Las crónicas de Kane ...

Sadie's initial reaction to Anubis ^.^

Sadie Kane from Rick Riordan's The Kane Chronicles.

Carter & Zia

Pin by Юлия Шапран on Рисовать | Pinterest | Sadie kane, Viria and Uncle rick

I know i loved these books.

The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid official graphic novel

Bast – Rick Riordan (Art by Viria)

Carter and Zia

Rick Riordan's official // Sadie Kane // Art by viria

Sadie, Bast, Khufu, Anubis, Zia, and Carter^^^ I

Little Zia by nicodiangelo555.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt. The Kane ChroniclesKane ChronicalsPercy ...

Sadie and Anubis.... art by: viria.... colored by: ddiablerie, not Percy Jackson, but also done by Rick so it stays

Kane Chronicles Character - Thoth -----> Thoth is supposed to look old! < <

Sadie and Anubis {The Kane Chronicles}. Find this Pin and more on Las crónicas de ...

Kane Chronicles by twinkletoez123

Carter Kane, Sadie Kane and Zia Rashid by missyserendipity < < I love this so much! For once Sadie actually looks like a 13 year old and not a teenager

Carter Kane by Viria

The Kane Chronicles by montsitacantero on We Heart It

Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles

Percy Jackson y Carter KanePercy Jackson y Carter Kane (las cronicas de kane )

the kane chronicles anubis. Can I say that this looks wrong? Of course YAOI

DeviantArt: More Like Kane Chronicles: Carter Kane and his hawk headed avatar by johngreeko

Sadie reminds me of Percy, Carter reminds me of annabeth, anubis reminds me of Nico, zia reminds me of zoe. Did Rick do this on purpose?

Anubis and Sadie by zjeanelle.deviantart.com on @deviantART....u guys should do more of sadie and walt, but this is still cute

Sadie Kane from The Kane Chronicles Finally got around to finishing The Throne of Fire and just got me loving Rick Riordan's characters all over again.

cool Anubis drawing

... Kane Chronicles by kmb0917. Zara

the kane chronicles - sadie kane and anubis with zia and carter in the background

Rick Riordan's official // Anubis // Art by viria LOOK AT DAT GORGEOUSNESS!

I am Sadie Kane host of Isis

Sadie and Carter

Every time Zia and Carter have a cute moment, I put the book down and say "I SHIP IT I SHIP IT I SHIP IT"

“Carter Kane // Eye of Horus ” I missed the TKC week but I had to do something for him!

Anubis by ~germanmissiles Anubis <3 Kane Chronicles so what if Sibuna met Anubis in some crossover between House Of Anubis and The Kane Chronicles???

The Kane Chronicles. See more. Sadie and Anubis

Aww~ Bast hugs her lil kittens Carter and Sadie. Find this Pin and more on Kane Chronicles ...

This is Zia from The Kane Chronicles (Rick Riordan's Egyptian Mythology books). Zia and Sadie were my f. The Kane Chronicles- Zia Rashid

amos, carter, ruby, sadie, walt, zia

If you're a die hard Kane Chronicles fan, these two words alone will make you crack up. < < I dunno bout that. I'm a huge fan and it doesn't crack me up.

Carter Kane, Eye of Horus :3

Find this Pin and more on The kane chronicles by ilmionomec.

Kane Chronicles by palnk.deviantart.com on @deviantART LOL "nith ith naat

... Kane Chronicles by lucylightstull. Walt Stone – Rick Riordan (Art by Viria)

Percy Jackson, Kane crossover

When Osiris/Julian Kane described her to Anubis

The Red Pyramid Graphic Novel. Carter fighting the Set animal. | Kane chronicles | Pinterest | Red pyramid, Novels and Rick riordan

Kane siblings. See more. The Brooklyn House. Top left to right: Sean (From Ireland), Walt

Zia Rashid by Viria. Find this Pin and more on The Kane Chronicles ...

Sneak peek from Rick Riordan: More from the upcoming Red Pyramid graphic novel

Now this, this is perfect Zia Rashid. Find this Pin and more on The Kane Chronicles ...

Carter by Viria

Front and back illustrations for Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles box set published by Scholastic.

the kane chronicles

Carter gripped the small staff, and Zia held a energy light. "What are we subpost to do now?" Zia's voice echoed off the walls. "I don't know.

Image from http://orig07.deviantart.net/eb78/f/2012/131/9/8/kane_chronicles_anubis_by_firegoddess1997-d4zbvj4.jpg. | Bens board of awesomeness | Pinterest ...

sadie waltnubis. Kane Chronicles ...


Anubis and Walt-Kane Chronicles

I love the Kane Chronicles. And Sadie Kane is just perfect <---finally someone else who knows!


O Carter genderbend (Caroline). Find this Pin and more on Kane Chronicles ...

Walk like an Egyptian :)zia rashid,carter kane and sadie kane! @sierratufts-sicard walk like a champion!!!!!walk like a champion!hahahaha

kane chronicles | The Kane Chronicles Kane sadie and bast

I drew Sadie and Anubis from the Kane Chronicles. I love the series!

Sadie Kane and Anubis by Lauuhh

Kane Chronicles/Heroes of Olympus.

I LOVE the anima/manga versions of the Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles characters. But in this one he looks like the white version of Carter.

Zia Rashid. Kane Chronicles. Fan art. Love this artist.

Carter and Sadie Kane

Oh gosh he has to be one of my fav characters from Kane Chronicles

Zia Rashid < < I know this isn't demigods but I had to pin this

The Red Pyramid Graphic Novel. Bast VS Anubis.

sadie kane and thalia grace - Google Search

The Red Pyramid by AireensColor.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Sam Kane and Caroline Kane

The Kane Chronicles on Pinterest | The Kane Chronicles, Sadie Kane .

from The Kane Chronicles · Sadie by Viria. Her highlights are suppose to be blue. Cause red is a

kane chronicles - rick riordan < < They misspelled the label, it isn't Ammit, it is Poochiekins

Sadie Kane!

The Kane Chronicles images gods HD wallpaper and background photos .

Sadie and Annabeth from “The Staff of Serapis. No clue on the timeframe here, so I made it post-Kane Chronicles and post-Heroes of.

Carter. Kane ...

Anubis and Sadie actor ideas Brad Kavanagh. Find this Pin and more on Kane Chronicles ...

Bast. Sadie KaneThe Kane ChroniclesFan ...