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By Betsy Renaissance tile class Teaching t

By Betsy Renaissance tile class Teaching t


by Betsy: Renaissance tile class

by Betsy: Chapter 2 black tiles class

by Betsy: Beyond the Basics: Shading Class tiles

This is a Renaissance Zentangle® tile marries Black, white and brown inks, graphite

A class, or just tangling all afternoon with a friend? We explored black tiles (introduction class) including, testing out the tools, giving.

每周一圖-049 INAPOD-3

I am the diva - Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT®): Weekly Challenge. Find this Pin and more on Zentangle Renaissance Tiles ...

by Betsy: Back to basics

by Betsy: Student connections

by Betsy: Renaissance tile class

by Betsy: Chapter 2 black tiles class

Many beautiful moments in these tiles! Looking forward to next week. :)

We also experimented with scratch tiles during our first meeting last week. The white tiles are samplers for 'Nzepple, Tripoli, and Quandary.

Botanicals & the Renaissance Tiles by Sharla R. Hicks, ...

Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Florz, Printemps, and Tipple As usual, the variations in string designs make such a difference in the overall look of the tiles.

I also had the group start a mandala to finish up at home. They seem to be crying out for some color, don't they? OLLI participants, please send me pictures ...

Paradox and Tipple -- These are really beautiful!

We also did a 2 x 2 monotangle using Hi Cs, which I have challenged everyone to finish up at home and share next week. I wish I had taken a picture of ...

I introduced three new patterns for the main tile -- Shattuck, Jetties, and Bales (with a little Maelstrom thrown in).

Mooka on Tan with Purple Pen by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher ,

In the second meeting, we experimented with Scratchy Scratch tiles. Yes, these tiles are made for four-year-olds, but they are really lots of fun to use for ...

This was the first time I worked with triangular tiles in a class. It was great fun.

Betsy's Planner

We closed our two-session course with mandalas. Time did not allow us to finish them in class, but I'm sure they'll get done at home. These are so cool!

Inspired by my class at The Hoffman Center yesterday. I'm hoping my new tanglers are finding joy in Zentangle.

I made this one this evening (a bijou tile). I'm a little more intuitive and a little less deliberate in my drawing these days. I don't really think about ...

Elizabeth Craumer

Differences come from a variety of strings, differing sizes for each of the patterns, differences in line quality, different decisions ...

by Betsy: Mini-class

We miss the compelling visitors they brought into our classroom, who told their stories and brought our immigration unit to life.

“If my parents had never made it here, we wouldn't have Laila today.”

I continue to experiment with drawing on marble tiles. For this one, I used Montana extra fine acrylic markers to go a little aboriginal:

Friday, October 24, 2014

Certified Zentangle Teacher Cris

This year we are inviting Labyrinth Society members to submit proposals to present Pre-Gathering or Post-Gathering workshops at the 2017 Gathering at ...

Swiss Nationality Room, Cathedral of Learning

Laila's grandfather shared his family's powerful immigration story with the class.

... a driving force for the arts. Wei Wei Chen's parents, who emigrated ...

Teaching the nation's students is expensive. Some 3.1 million teachers lead U.S. classrooms, earning annual salaries of $56,400 on average.

Look at all the teaching equipment

... Drawing class Bright Eyes

Jonathan Plutzik

Art Class Teacher Roster - Workshop Info - Milford, NH | Creative Ventures Gallery

With the Destress December class last night, I am finishing up my Destress December series. Thanks so much to those who joined me. I so very much appreciate ...

Claudine decided to have an impromptu team-building exercise with the staff showing the importance of support from co-workers. Although, they weren't ...

Central American Room>

Also, if one of you left your tile at the library, ask for Sue. She has your lovely art.

For a schedule of classes CLICK on the IMAGE

... a driving force for the arts. Wei Wei Chen's parents, who emigrated ...

unsolicited Dog Pic

Work Day at WISH

Look at all the teaching equipment

Cream 'n' Eggs Room>

Some Interesting Workshops Listings for 2013

With the Destress December class last night, I am finishing up my Destress December series. Thanks so much to those who joined me. I so very much appreciate ...

Bohemian Room>

... Beaman teaching ...

Betsy Lohrer Hall, Horizon II, 2009, gouache on paper, 60 x 42 in. (artwork © Betsy Lohrer Hall; photograph by Gene Ogami)

Mooka on Tan with Red Pen by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher,


The Turtle of Oman by Naomi Shihab Nye, illustrations by Betsy Peterschmidt

Imperial Porphyry has a cousin, green porphyry, or Lapis Lacedaemonius, commonly called Serpentine. It is just as hard, coming from a mine near Sparta (or ...

Here's regular 3.5"x3.5" z e n t a n g l e tile vs the BIJOU tile

1410 News from Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art

Diane Miller & Brandon BanesDevelopments in Teacher Knowledge for TeachingAlgebraMohan Chinnappan & Bruce White 31; 34.

I was so happy that Aidan could make time for us, and upon leaving he said that he had just completed a large Icon for a church in Leeds!

Certified Zentangle Teacher Cris

Part II of II guest blog post by Betsy Bradley, Historian and Historic Preservationist.

Yes ...

Across town, straddling the Santa Clara-San Jose border, there is a side-by-side experiment in progress. Valley Fair, a traditional mall, ...

And please note know we offer one-on-one sessions, partner training and semi-private training by appointment so call us today! 908-428-7978 .

For roughly 30 years Raul Coronel now in his mid-80s, was a mid-century master ceramist in Southern California, throwing, sculpting, playing in clay and ...

This ...

Cream 'n' Eggs Room>

... IHS Welcomes English Language Learners

so many adorable bijoux (the plural of bijou is bijoux)

Italian Room>

Fickr/dcJohn (CC BY 2.0)

Chautauqua Room>

This week we marked a big first—the first day of kindergarten for the small gal. She set off ready, with her brand-new lunchbox—just like two of her ...

Photo courtesy of Quilt Local by Heather Jones, published by Abrams Books. Photography by Jenny Hallengren

The sarcophagus of St. Helen

6b-c Tracks post

Easy Writing Skills, Step-By-Step, Grs. 9-12 -- $10 ppd. Nice. Mcgrawhill, By:Ann Longknife, ph. d. , & k. d. Sullivan, c2012. ISBN 9780071774512

Betsy Eaton, USA, a handdrawn collage created at the art journaling class Doodled Luxury

Home Teacher's Edition and New Student Activity Packet. bibliophile81 06/28

Ceiling & Flooring

Betsy Gallery's Mexican Smalti

“Photography, for me, is a back door to chemistry and to printmaking,” says Betsy as she washes the print in water. The orangey rust color, Betsy explains, ...

A wall arrangement Ian made from his cement tiles, which he designed based on an

... teaching space Art Classes ...

IMG_20170324_204454659. IMG_20170324_204421867. IMG_20170324_202410190

The Imperial Porphyry found in Italy came from a single mine in Egypt, the Mons Porphyrites. It was imported by the Romans as a decorative accent stone, ...

Rice is Life and Simulacratopia (again) strikingly maps out the magnitude of the issues that we, as a global society, must address.

A couple in Hastings, Michigan was hoping that Tile Heritage could assist in identifying their circa 1890 home. Although the detail of the modeling seemed ...