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Wild violets i know they spread and creep into your lawn but i love

Wild violets i know they spread and creep into your lawn but i love


wild violets, i know they spread and creep into your lawn, but i love them! I pick them in the spring and place on my windowsill in little vintage bottles.

Sweet violets advancing across the lawn at the Hollies


mebbe next year) Wild Violets Care – How To Grow Wild Violet Plants By Nikki Phipps (Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden) Learning to grow violet flowers is ...

The mild laxative properties of the violet were well known to early colonists, who made

Jenny Matlock: V is for Violets- Poem about Violets

'Autumn Violets' Keep love for youth, and violets for the spring, Of ir these bloom when worn-out autumn grieves Let them lie hid in double shade of leaves, ...

My Grandmother Mary loved growing Viola's and violets, I grow them in loving memory of her!

ground cover and purple flowers,wild violets

The violets are blooming.

Gardening-wise, if you have a patch of empty earth, consider planting this creeper. That's right, Charlie is a real creeper and will creep all over that ...

violets brooch

Sweet Violets for the Girls ...

Violet flowers are a favorite of Goldie Hawn!

I have had rather heated discussions with DH for years to get rid of these awful wild violets. For reasons I cannot understand, he refuses to dig them out.

wild violet weed identification. You either love ...

Violets. I mentioned in my last post that you can infuse the flowers in honey, although I am not one who does that. Instead, I love to add the mucilaginous ...

Flora: Italia, Val Trebbia by Juza

Wild Violet:

These are what I would refer to as common woodland violets. I won't even speculate on the species, as there are many species out there in the wild.

violets or pansies

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Viola odorata

Creeping-Charlie-Common-Weeds. Commonly found in lawns that ...

Old Fashioned Sweet Violet Syrup

Looking at a color wheel is a great way to choose garden flowers.

Creeping charlie

How to Tell Which Soil You Have by the Weeds in Your Landscape

If you need any assistance deciding which of the steps apply to your lawn, please call one of our experts at the plant clinic or stop by and see us.

Forget the lawnmower – just let your grass grow | Life and style | The Guardian

Forget the lawnmower – just let your grass grow | Life and style | The Guardian

Ground ivy

Wild violets

Common Weeds

Wild violets 2

She's considered an invasive weed, but you can find this one growing on many lawns, depending on the area. The flowers look like bells and make a pretty ...

By spraying in fall, even as late as November, the weed control material will be moved into the root system, preventing the weeds from growing the following ...

Don't let weeds ruin your lawn and landscaping! Learn how to indentify these

Also called Hairy Vetch, I found this one growing in a Rose bush (she is a climbing plant), hence those leaves you see are of Rose, not Vetch.

These weedings tips offer helpful ways to tame your garden. Find out smart ways to

Forget the lawnmower – just let your grass grow | Life and style | The Guardian

Here is one grass-infested clump.


Vinca minor ground cover in bloom.

lawn care professional

Violets. Aww. Nice, aren't they? Sure, if you don't mind them spreading into your lawn, where they are devlishly difficult to eradicate without chemicals.

I do admit, when the spouse is out of earshot, to actually liking the violets. In this, I am not alone. It is the official state flower of my state, ...

Hillside covered with creeping phlox in different colors.

Clover in lawns - what is the best weedkiller to use? Credit: RHS/

The next spring, a mature violet plant will be surrounded by a horde of its seedlings, but it is likely that some of them are also germinating in the lawn.

Perhaps to most eyes it just looks like a standard annual bedding plant?

Unless you want it as your lawn or have a horse to feed, don't plant it.

Wild Violet

I have long loved her pretty mauve flowers but, until recently, I didn't know that ...


whew, got it, thanks, as you can see, close up of leaves, they are a rapid growing vine, and the prolific seeds. the vines are fine like hair.

Wild Geranium

You are a genious. That's it! I'll let you know what happens. Anyone had any experience with this plant before? Like

It requires a liquid, selective, post-emergent broadleaf weed control application during its period of active growth. This may require repeated applications ...

Common Chickweed - weed

Here is one grass-infested clump.

Add Mulch

The roots look like they are bulbs. Has anyone delt with these before? I want to make sure that they don't come back and kill my lawn once again.

Annual Bluegrass

Creeping Charlie is a rapidly-spreading, matted garden plant some gardeners refer to as

Creeping Charlie is a weed or herb with scalloped edges on its leaves.

A small space in your yard, either between buildings or along a border, can become a source of complaining if it requires maintenance yet does not seem to ...

Some of the wildflowers were familiar, a few I could guess at, and many I couldn't identify as they were not found in ...

Wild violet, yarrow foliage

Broadleaf broadleaf ...

While the fruit is delicious, be prepared for your canes to spring up in unexpected places.

Being a vermifuge like well-known Wormwood and being really bitter like Dandelion, you want to ...

For a proud few weeks, I carefully tended to what I thought were burgeoning broad beans. That was until I realised my 'broad beans' were growing everywhere ...

To complicate identification even further, some of the species cross-breed freely. The common wild variety has, well, violet flowers, but they can also be ...

I decided this year that they MUST GO. Much to DH's chagrin, I hit this area with Roundup about two weeks ago. He is still having a snit about that.

She's considered an invasive weed, but you can find this one growing on many lawns, depending on the area. The flowers look like bells and make a pretty ...

Irises are so gorgeous, but it seems like they last for 2 days and then they're done. They can also get out of control if not divided regularly.


It wasn't until I came across one of the most "illusive" Pacific Northwest wildflowers, that I gained an interest and respect for natures most precious, ...

What are the worst weeds to have in your lawn? That is a difficult question to answer for the entire country, as certain weeds grow better in some areas ...

Lamium purpureum

I LOVE my Chinese lanterns, but they are slowly taking over my lawn. The roots travel just below the surface, so chemicals are the only way to get them ...

"Purple Carpet" creeping thyme is a beautiful, colorful alternative to grass .

Devon Bluebells

Violets are beautiful and versatile flowers that grow well in the wild. They have been associated with many different admirable qualities such as love, ...

Gardens: Alys Fowler's top 25 indestructible plants | Life and style | The Guardian

African violets look like they'd be fussy plants, but quite the opposite: “ They're easy to grow if you know ...

As far as stickyburr goes, I could not find a real picture. It appears that there is a children's book by that name, and all the images I saw were from that ...


crabgrass - weeds

One interesting aspect about lawn care, gardening and landscaping is that no two years are ever the same. Up until the middle of October, the Midwest had ...

Natural Herbicides: Unless you're trying to create a ...

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